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Homecoming Meeting Minutes - 10-22-2011 E-mail

We had a great meeting at Homecoming.  Thirteen brothers were able to attend in person, and two attended via our conference call.  We got a lot of good participation, including electing four board members, and several other people volunteered to help with some of the committees.

A tailgate will be taking place before the game.  If you are able to join us, we'll be in the south-center of lot C4.  We hope to see you there!

Full meeting minutes available below.


  1. Nate Engle (via phone)
  2. Dax Kuhfuss
  3. Jason Carroll
  4. Brian Vanecek
  5. Chris Moe
  6. Josh Miltenberger
  7. Aaron Brace
  8. Matt Bonneau
  9. Jesse Bulman
  10. Clint Rabe
  11. Josh Brown
  12. Aaron Swailes
  13. Kris Langlois
  14. Chris Coward (via phone)
  15. Brant Bristow (via phone, then in person)
  • Office/Committee Reports
    • President (Jason)
      • National had an alumni conference call.  They are trying to do more Nationally with the alumni.
    • Treasurer (Nate)
      • Current Status
        • Not much money in the bank right now.
        • We are current on all obligations other than the taxes ($6500 in taxes past due, ~$5000 just became overdue).
  • Other
    • Alumni Communication (Chris)
      • Working on a communication regarding Homecoming.
  • Elections
    • 2 spots open for 3 yr. terms
    • 1 spot open for a 1 yr. term, due to a resignation of a board member last year.
    • 1 spot open for a 1 yr. term, appointed yearly until there is an active chapter member available (interest group, colony, or chapter).
    • The following people were elected by unanimous consent:
      • Josh Brown - 1 yr. term
      • Chris Moe - 1 yr. term
      • Jason Carroll - 3 yr. term
      • Dax Kuhfuss - 3 yr. term
  • Corporation Board Meeting
    • Officer Elections
      • President
        • Nominations
          • Jason Carroll
          • Brant Bristow
        • Jason Carroll elected.
      • Vice President
        • Nominations
          • Brant Bristow
        • Brant Bristow elected by unanimous consent.
      • Secretary-Treasurer
        • Nominations
          • Nate Engle
        • Nate Engle elected by unanimous consent.
    • Capital Campaign.
      • Unable to secure funding for the feasibility study.
      • Going to roll that into the larger campaign.  Part of the funding plan for that is to put up the house as collateral.  The thinking there is that if the campaign doesn't work out, we'll need to sell the house anyway.
      • Looking at creating a steering committee for managing the capital campaign.  Ed McCracken has agreed to co-chair such a committee.  Chris Moe is heading this effort, and has a couple potential people for the other co-chair.
      • Chris Moe moved to form a steering committee for the capital campaign,nominations for members will be brought up in future board meetings.
        • Seconded by Josh Brown.
        • Motion carries.
      • Chris Moe moves to appoint Ed McCracken as co-chair of the committee.  Seconded by Dax Kuhfuss.
        • Motion carries.
    • Discussion of Constitutional Amendments
      • This will be voted on in a future meeting, as the proposed changes weren't distributed early enough to satisfy the minimum time needed to vote during this meeting.
      • This will be voted on during the meeting of November 7th, 2011 at 9 pm Central Time.


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