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Dear Brothers,


In 2011, I was attending a Triangle National function when I learned that ISU Triangle had folded.  I’m sure my reaction was like most of yours - gut wrenching disappointment and frustration.  This news was followed by a series of meetings among some ISU alumni.  Needless to say, those meetings were extremely depressing.  But from the very first minute of the very first meeting, there was never a doubt ‘if’ Triangle would return to ISU, only when and how.  That resolute commitment compelled a number of people to commit large amounts of personal time in pursuit of that objective.  Along the way, there have been many ups and downs and a host of challenges.  But the commitment remained, and progress continued.


In the heat of battle, we don’t often look backwards, but as I contemplated this announcement, I took a moment to reflect.  The thoughts and emotions that reflection triggered are difficult to convey in writing.  Therefore, at risk of understatement, I am extremely pleased to announce National has approved Iowa State Triangle’s charter petition!  Triangle has officially returned to ISU!


We are blessed with an outstanding group of actives – young men who have worked extremely hard to build a quality chapter and satisfy the requirements to earn the charter.  And we should recognize and commend recent alumni who performed the critical work to form and grow the colony.  The future of Triangle at ISU is extremely bright.  I encourage you to come join in the celebration, meet your young brothers, and reminisce about your Triangle memories.


Please plan to attend the charter ceremony and social functions in Ames on Saturday, March 24, 2018.  Details are still being formulated, but you can count on a meal and socializing – two musts for Triangles!  We’ve reserved a block of rooms at a discounted rate at the Gateway Hotel and Conference Center.  We’ll send out invitations with more details soon.  I encourage you all to attend.


In F, S, and C,

John P. Pritchard, is82
Alumni Board President
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